December 12, 2014

I love the chessboard of life. Somehow we find our way into peoples lives…

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I love the chessboard of life. Somehow we find our way into peoples lives with little to no recollection as to how they got there. I met Derrick and Jhinezka two months before their wedding. That was almost 2 years ago to the date. Since then I am fortunate enough to call them family! I have seen there family grow literally and spiritually. A few weeks ago I was able to meet the newest addition to their family Juleza (aka JuJu). We spent the day on the Cal Tech campus right before sunset. I was warned that JuJu can be a bit of a diva so I figured I had 90 minutes tops before I met the other side of the infamous queen :-D . Of course I got caught up in the laughter, but that’s what you can expect when you are with the Dancer’s.  I managed to  sneak a few decent shots before Juleza was out for the count. All in all this was a good day with good friends. Happy Holidays. holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-3181 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2974 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2887 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2883 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2900 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2846 familyhuaj holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2863 dualmom dualparents holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-3191 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-3124 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2969 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2990 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2989 holiday-photography-creative-los angeles-black family-rseephoto-2927

October 20, 2014

I absolutely love when a couple comes to me with a unique idea…

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I absolutely love when a couple comes to me with a unique idea. It challenges me as a photographer and it increases the chance of creating one of a kind images.

Meet Keyon and Alana. Almost exactly 10 years ago to date, these two met while working at Target in Long Beach, CA. Keyon was a world-class cart attendant while Alana managed the store register. When she was just 15 years old, Alana used to pray for her ideal man. She asked for someone who was tall, dark and handsome and as soon as she first laid eyes on Keyon, she knew that he was the man of her “dreams.” It was a sunny afternoon when Alana approached her future husband on her day off to ask him on a date. Needless to say, Keyon said yes and 10 years later we are here! In honor of how they met, Keyon and Alana decided to have a photo shoot using Target. Now I have to admit, initially I was a bit apprehensive about the idea but after we spent some time acting like kids again I knew that this was a great idea! After having some fun with a few grocery carts, we headed downtown to capture some intimate shots under the night lights of Long Beach.  Who would have though that these two had some GQ Magazine modeling skills in their bag. :-)

Overall this turned out to be a pretty amazing day spent with amazing people. Congratulations on 10 years of love! :-D  


October 16, 2014

I could not think of a better way to end my wedding season…

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I could not think of a better way to end my wedding season than with the Brodi-William’s family. I met Micah and Anastasia earlier this year and immediately felt like I’ve known them forever! Any wedding photographer would tell you that the key to amazing wedding photos begins with the connection between the couple and the photographer. I knew soon after our engagement session that we would be a perfect fit. Micah and ‘Stace’ are both easy-going people who do not need much more than each other to have a good time. The wedding took place at the historic Castle Green Hotel in Pasadena, California. It was a warm 89 degrees while the sun was setting perfectly behind the hotel. As game time approached, I found the perfect vantage point to catch all the action. While adjusting my camera lens, I witnessed one of the most touching moments as a photographer. Before Anastasia walked down the aisle, a beautiful portrait of Trecie was placed next to Micah’s father during the ceremony as a representation of her presence at her sons wedding.

Micah’s mother Trecie was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago and unfortunately was unable to attend her sons wedding this September. Although she was not physically present, Micah and Anastasia made sure that she was there in spirit. If that wasn’t touching enough, Micah put a twist on the traditional mother-son dance by dancing with each of his aunts and his younger sister. :-)  Afterwards, it was time for the father-daughter dance which included both of Stace’s fathers in a surprise trio dance-off complete with the robot. These moments set the tone for the rest of the nights dancing and laughter.

All in all, this was an amazing wedding! I laughed, I cried, and I even witnessed my first ever “Shmoney Dance” at a wedding (picture proof below). :-) It’s couples like Micah and Anastasia that remind me why I fell in love with shooting weddings. Congratulations to you two! I am truly grateful to have met you both and even more fortunate enough to call you friends.

Ironically the Walk to Defeat ALS is this weekend. If you would like to help defeat ALS feel free to click this link and show your support for the cause! :-D